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The Functions of a Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric dentist with the kid and the motherA trained and qualified dentist who offers dental services to the children is a pediatric dentist. Generally, pediatric dentists attend to patients below the age of 12, but younger children form the majority of their patients.

How are they different?

A family dentist in Holladay gets a normal dental training. But a pediatric dentist is a specially trained professional. They undergo training in the aspects of milk and permanent teeth and learn about the challenges they are likely to face during their dental practice.

They also receive training in child psychology, which actually sets them apart from other regular dentists. This training really helps them to deal with children, who are unwilling to open their mouth for a dental examination.

Duties of a pediatric dentist

It is advisable to take your child to a pediatric dentist when he or she is six months old when the first milk teeth will erupt. The professional can assess and monitor the state of oral health in the subsequent visits.

They can attend to crooked teeth at that stage and ensure that the permanent teeth sprout in a straight manner when the time comes. They also attend to other issues such as cavities, crowded teeth, and gum issues. Good teeth in children are essential as it affects the speech, smile, and confidence of little ones.

It is the duty of the pediatric dentist to make sure that the current milk or primary teeth is in good condition and facilitates the growth of healthy permanent teeth, as the child grows older.

For the child, dental visits will be a scary experience, but a well-trained pediatric dentist will use all the child psychology training he or she has received to make the child comfortable on the dentist chair.

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A good pediatric dentist will be able to calm the child and coax them to receive the necessary treatment. These dentists also educate the parents on the importance of their child maintaining the necessary dental and oral hygiene.