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Substance Abuse: Warning Signs And Treatment

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Herbal pillsThe number of people suffering from drug and substance abuse is increasing. It has even become a pandemic in the United States. While the condition could involve seemingly innocent substances like alcohol to potentially addicting and fatal ones like heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy.
Substance abuse happens when a person develops an addiction to a particular substance that they become dependent on it. Addiction not only affects the person physically, emotionally and psychologically, it also affects the lives of their family.

Treating Substance Abuses

There are many treatment options for substance abuse. Lately, ibogaine’s use as an addiction treatment has gained popularity. Ibogaine is the primary active alkaloid in the iboga plant. Doctors give ibogaine in capsule form. The drug works by lessening the effects of withdrawal symptoms and triggering the body to heal itself.
Other treatment options for substance and drug abuse include detoxification, behavioral counseling, and long-term therapy to prevent relapse. A combination of these treatments is often recommended to ensure that the patient will not suffer a relapse.

Warning Signs Of Substance Abuse

You can detect substance abuse early before it becomes worse. You can check for the following warning signs: neglecting one’s responsibilities, withdrawing from friends and family, and unexplained disappearances. Drug abuse eventually leads to legal trouble and relationship or marital problems.
Treating substance abuse is a difficult and long process. It is essential that patients receive support not only from their physicians and health care providers but also their family members. With all these elements, a patient can achieve success in warding off addiction and going back to their normal lives.


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