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Smoking Cessation After Lung Cancer Diagnosis May Yield Higher Survival Rate

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SmokingMedical authorities have always attributed smoking as the leading risk factor in the development of lung cancer. Nevertheless, a huge percentage of smokers continue their habit even after being diagnosed with lung cancer. This may give credence to the belief that breaking the habit is difficult.

Whilst this may be true, every smoker diagnosed with lung cancer should make it a goal to stop smoking. Quitting smoking may increase the survival rate of a person with lung cancer. According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, lung cancer patients who quit smoking may enjoy significant survival benefits compared with those who continue to smoke. To this end, doctors encourage lung cancer patients to explore all available avenues that can make them stop smoking. shares information on why quitting matters:

Lower Mortality Rates for Those Who Quit Smoking

Led by Dr Mary Reid, a team of researchers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute carried out a study to determine the impact of smoking cessation on the survival of smokers with lung cancer. The study included 250 patients who were under treatment at the Thoracic Centre.

After analysing all data, researchers were able to determine that those who stopped smoking after diagnosis or even upon admittance for treatment at the centre had lower mortality rates than those who continued to smoke. On the average, those who quit smoking may extend their lives by 28 months compared to the 18 months of those who continued with their smoking habits.

Every Day is Worth Living For

Patients should realise that every day is worth living for – if not for themselves, but for their loved ones. They should exert every effort to stop smoking if only to increase their chances of overcoming their condition. As they say, it is never too late to stop smoking.

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