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Refresh Yourself with Quick Breaks

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Short Breaks in BathDoes it sound counterproductive to take short breaks so you can do more at work? It’s not as strange as it seems.

Why It Works

The short version of it is you need to relax. Keeping your mind working on overdrive isn’t going to do you any favours. In addition, the money you make by working overtime will likely go to your hospitalisation or medication instead. Taking a vacation means you’re allowing yourself to slow down and cool off. Consider the analogy of your mind versus the engine of a car. Your break time is akin to the coolant in the radiator: it keeps you refreshed and able to process what you need to do.

The Long and Short of It

They say there are more benefits to taking short breaks versus going on a long holiday. Long holidays mean your mind and body remain in a highly relaxed state for a longer period. This may decrease your desire to go back to work and make you even less productive upon your return. Just like anywhere else, short, frequent breaks in Bath mean you’ve allowed yourself just enough time to get back in touch with things you enjoy doing before having to return to the grind of earning a living.

Where to Go

You don’t have to leave the country to take your vacation. A short, out of town holiday can already work wonders! If you live in Greater London, Bath is a great place to relax because of the baths and spas. Want to visit somewhere less familiar? Try a trip up north and walk the trails of Northumberland, or visit the coast.

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The point of a break is to unwind. Leave anything work related behind and immerse yourself in your surroundings. If you can afford to, leave some, if not all, of your gadgets behind. Removing yourself from the temptation to constantly check your messages can also help decrease your stress levels. This way, you can come in for work ready to take it all head-on again.