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Misaligned and Crooked Teeth: Basic Information and Treatment Options

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Crooked TeethThere are different reasons a person’s teeth may become crooked, twisted or overlapping. Some people, for example, have big teeth in a small mouth. The crowding may cause the teeth to shift in position.

An overbite (protrusion of the upper jaw) or an under bite (protrusion of the lower jaw) may result from a mismatch of the upper and bottom jaws. With an overbite, the upper teeth typically extend out over the lower teeth. With an under bite, the opposite happens, with the lower teeth protruding forward and beyond the upper teeth.

Visiting an orthodontics clinic in Croydon can help you correct any teeth misalignment.

What causes overbites and underbites?

Overbites and underbites, like other dental issues such as crooked teeth, are usually inherited. Your bite may also be misaligned if you lost your baby teeth too soon, or your adult teeth. In some cases, ill-fitting dental restorations may cause the problem.

There are other possible reasons for the misalignment of a person’s teeth, including gum disease and injuries to the jaw.

Why are misalignments an issue?

Your misaligned or crooked teeth may prevent you from chewing normally, and may even bring about abnormal strain to your mouth muscles, jaws or teeth, which may result in discomfort or even chipped teeth. Most people with misaligned or crooked teeth may have more difficulty in cleaning them.

This may cause the quick formation of plaque, which may cause gingivitis, bad breath and tooth decay.

How are misaligned bites and crooked teeth corrected?

Your dentist will discuss your options. For example, your dentist may recommend braces based on your particular situation. If you have an overcrowding of teeth, your dentist may have to remove some of them and use braces to adjust your remaining teeth accordingly over time.

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Traditional braces are not your only option. Talk to your dentist about which kind of tooth realignment method may work for you.