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Men’s Hair Care Advice to Prevent Dryness and Loss

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Man's HairstyleA man’s hairstyle is important for him. Gents like the freedom to do whatever they please with their crown, be it a modern pompadour or a classic and clean gentleman’s cut. A man who complains about how women take hours to style their hair has no qualms about spending the same amount of time keeping his hair looking great.

But a man’s hair is susceptible to damage, dryness, dandruff and hair fall. To take better care of your hair, here is some advice.

Avoid over-styling your hair

Using too much and too many different kinds of hair products can affect your hair. Pomade, hair gel, wax, etc. all deliver some punishment to hair. Even if it’s necessary for your hairstyle, a product may damage your hair strands and scalp eventually. So it is advisable to give your hair a break from the products and let it breathe now and then.

Combat hair loss by keeping it healthy

Your diet affects your hair too, so make sure to eat right. A balanced meal is great for skin, scalp, hair and the entire body. Taking vitamins and mineral pills does wonders for keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny too.

For those who cannot help but lose hair as a result of genetics and ageing, Fue Clinics suggests you look into London hair transplant services. This procedure will bring back your pride in having a full head of hair. Make sure to ask about a hair care regimen that benefits your original as well as your newly transplanted hair.

Do not expose your hair to too much heat

Surfers and swimmers often have dry hair because of the exposure to too much heat. To protect your hair when out on a sunny day, use sunscreen. Your scalp and hair can also benefit from the same sunscreen you use on your face and body. If you do not like this idea, try looking for spray-on sunscreen.

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You may also wear a hat or a cap when it’s particularly sunny, but make sure it’s the right size. Avoid using a hair dryer too often as the heat will also eventually dry your hair.

Do not smoke

Smoking is a bad habit for your entire body. It affects the health of your cells, so you can only imagine how it makes your hair age faster and lose its elasticity.

These are some of the ways a gentleman can take care of his hair. If you follow these steps, you are more likely to enjoy a full head of healthy and attractive hair for a longer time.