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Living Room Inspirations When You’re Renovating

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A Living RoomDoes it feel like your living room needs a revamp to make it homey again? No worries, whether you are going for a total makeover or a quick transformation, this list will give you the best ideas to spice up the family room.

The Principle of Minimalism

To put it simply, it follows the concept the behind "less is beautiful." It features the use of neutral color schemes that goes perfectly with geometric shapes and asymmetrical textures. Most modern houses go with this design since it exudes clean, polished and streamlined style.

A Closer to Nature Concept

Known also as the country or rustic style, it focuses on embracing the aesthetics of all things natural, or employs the use of raw or furnished wood. Warm browns, greens, and soft whites are some of the focal points of this look.

As for the furnishings, you may try looking up some Amish-inspired living room furniture in Houston from specialty vendors such as The Amish Craftsman since this is where they make a living.

A Feeling of Warmth & Passion

For this next style, it deeply appeals to people who want to achieve a relaxed or easy-going feel into their home. Often characterized with décor and accessories pleasant to the eyes, they are usually in the form of pastel color palettes, sheer and flowy fabrics.

An Infusion of Classic & Colors

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Mediterranean-inspired living rooms is the use of warm colors, like blue, yellow, red, etc. It offers a strong sense of energy and dynamism without destroying the aesthetic appeal of your home or overdoing it.

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The main foundation of this style is the colors that reflect they skies and seas, the mosaic designs of tiles and classic accessories or furniture.

Whether it is something traditional, contemporary or out of this world, the overall design of your living room depends on what are you most comfortable of. Just be sure that when you get into the action, always think of balance and what will really matters to you.