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Freelancing: Is Your Mentality Killing Your Chances for Success?

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FreelancingYou’ll consider giving up freelance work soon after you started. Why? Social conditioning led you to believe that it works only for individuals that possess unbelievable amounts of optimism, good fortune, and discipline. If you recondition yourself to believe otherwise, however, you’ll end up with a freelance career that soars instead of limps.

Shun Those Naysayers

Others’ opinion of your choices impacts you whether you admit it or not. Steering clear of the people who regularly comment on the woes of doing freelance work helps you take your first baby steps to a renewed mind. What you repeatedly hear, after all, shapes your beliefs. They also validate your anxiety about humble beginnings as a freelancer. Once you’ve cut off frequent contact with them both online and offline, you’ll notice how easily you can reshape your thoughts towards your work.

Chase the Do-gooders

Your former employer dragged you to all those seminars for a reason. Freelancing shouldn’t encourage you to stop going to those seminars; rather, it should boost your enthusiasm to follow the corporate emcees that inspire you, such as, whenever they have a talk and listen to them as often as you can.

The people you’ll meet on those events can give you a new perspective on your job, especially if your work keeps you locked up in a room with only your jazz music to keep you company. Every freelancer needs a support system, after all, as well as occasional trips to the outside world for sanity’s sake.

Stop Raiding Your Fridge

All that caffeine and burger you eat affect your mindset. Their chemical properties can either build up or tear down the efficiency of your cognitive abilities, memory, and overall brain function. The next time you take a break from work to raid your fridge, remember that what you put in your mind will contribute to your ability to accomplish goals. If you want a diet change for this purpose, it will help to throw out your old grocery list and create a new one consisting only of food that will reinforce your brain power.

Changing your mentality towards freelance work takes plenty of time and effort in filtering your interactions with people and media. Once you acquire the correct mindset, however, you’ll realize optimism and discipline has become second nature to you.