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Forget What Old Studies Told You! Chocolates ARE Good for Your Teeth

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ChocolateWhen you were still a child, your parents and grandparents always instilled in your mind that chocolate could eventually lead to tooth fillings. Even when you started dentist school, you still thought this was true. Although there is a hint of truth to this, consuming chocolates doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a mouth full of cavities. Next time you request for more of your orthodontic appliances and give your patients dental care recommendations, keep this revelation in mind.

The Surprising Findings

You always told your patients that the more you consume cakes, ice lollies, sweets, and chocolates, the buildup of acid and bacteria would be greater. Dr. Giacomo Favero of the Favero Dental Clinic defends chocolates by explaining that it is not the primary culprit for cavities. In fact, it causes fewer cavities than all other sugary products.

The study reveals that chocolate is the least harmful among the sweets because the antibacterial agents found in cocoa beans reduces high sugar levels. The study included two groups that had to incorporate a high sugar diet. The second group had to add an extract of cocoa bean husk (CBH) on their daily drinking water. After three months, they discovered that the second group only had six cavities compared to 14 cavities from the first group.

The Unexpected Hero

With an unanticipated twist, Dr. Favero reveals that chocolate can fight cavities. Theobromine is the most vital compound in a CBH that has a potential for good remineralization. This means that it is better than any fluoride and it is non-toxic if swallowed. The alkaloid compound can stimulate an alkaline oral environment that gets rid of acids and protects against harmful bacteria.

He further suggests patients and fellow dentists opt for dark chocolate, preferably with 70 percent or more cocoa and to lower their sugar intake. Moreover, they should also reduce their milk, and white chocolate intake as these contain more sugar. 

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