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Enjoy These Five Incredible Tourist Attractions in London for Free!

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Beautiful London London has various free attractions available, which you could take advantage of in order to experience the city for no cost at all. It is ideal to note of these five great deals whether you are a backpacking traveller, a young working professional, or a foreign exchange student.

Museum of London

There is no better way to start your London exploration than by having a sneak peek of its tumultuous past. That’s exactly what this museum, located along the High Walk, is all about. It is open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day.

Hyde Park

The 350 acres of land of this park is filled with all the good things: ornamental plants, a meadow, and a huge lake. You can enjoy a wide array of activities here, from sightseeing to cycling, boating, skating, swimming, and others. The Hyde Park, one of the greatest and biggest city parks in the world, is open from 5:00 until midnight daily.

Trafalgar Square

You can never claim you have been to London if you have not been to visit this Square. It is home to various cultural shows and events, which you can enjoy all-year-round. Visiting the Trafalgar Square and all the nearby attractions will make your stay in London worth it.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Built to accommodate the 2012 Olympic Games, this park is home to various sights and activities. You can simply roam around the venues or enlist in a tour that will allow you to relive the spirit of the 2012 world event.

Platform 9 ¾

No fan of Harry Potter could ever miss visiting the famous Platform 9 ¾, located at the King’s Cross Station. Apart from the memorial, there also lies a magical shop, where you can obtain merchandise that a true Potter-head would love to possess.

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And, if you’d really want to let your travel money go the extra mile, you surely would want to call it a day at inexpensive hostels in London, where you’ll still get the lavish comforts of British living at an affordable cost.