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Checklist for a Selfie-Ready Smile

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Selfie-Ready SmileIs your smile selfie-ready? If so, then go and take as many self-portraits as you want. The world will love the way you show off those white, straight and healthy teeth. If not, never worry, as there are ways to correct teeth imperfections. Ask your dentist about your options.

The next time you grab your mobile phone to take a selfie, you will be happy to see how beautiful your smile is. Welcome to the digital age, where we see ourselves on our social media accounts almost every day. Selfie craze even caused a surge in lip surgery in America. And because taking selfies is a certified global trend, you need to know how you can achieve that picture perfect, ‘no filter’ smile.

Caring for Your Mouth

A healthy mouth starts with good oral hygiene. What you eat and drink affects the appearance of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing, as well as gargling with dentist-recommended mouthwash, will go a long way to protect your teeth and gums against injuries and diseases. Bad breath is likewise avoidable through proper dental hygiene. Your dentist will teach you the right way to do things.

Embracing the Solution

With the increasing awareness about oral health and the risk of dental problems, more people are embracing innovative solutions, such as implants and invisible braces. In Leicester alone, a number of patients have gone through dental implant surgery, and they felt happy with the results. Any of these treatments might work for you as well.

Visiting the Dentist

When was the last time you visited a dentist? Schedule an appointment now and your teeth and gums will thank you for that. A visit to the dentist is a perfect time to remove stains and disease-causing bacteria from your pearly whites. It likewise helps you maintain good oral hygiene.

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Selfies are better when you have healthy teeth and gums. So, show off your best smile and let the world know how gorgeous you are.