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Why Many Want Botox Rather than Natural Anti-wrinkle Remedies

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Wrinkles are often the first signs of ageing. Many people are desperate to get Anti aging treatment in Cuffleyrid of them permanently, and most wish they did not ever have to worry about them. There are many anti-wrinkle remedies on the market, both expensive designer products and more mundane household items.

The easy-to-find, household remedies include aloe vera, ginger and olive oil, and many people swear by them. One of the best treatments for wrinkles, however, can’t be found on a household shelf. It is Botox.

Like a Visit to the Dentist                      

Until only a few years ago, Botox was frowned on by those who advocated ‘natural beauty’, and celebrities vehemently denied undergoing the treatment.  More recently, however, many are openly asking for the treatment. It seems to have become as mundane as a visit to a dental practice such as Cuffley Village Dental Practice, which offers it as part of their array of treatments and services.

Botox treatment involves injecting the affected area of wrinkled skin with small amounts of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Often used as a medical treatment for muscular conditions, it has become more popularly known for its cosmetic effects. It temporarily paralyses facial muscles to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Starting Young

The accessibility of Botox has changed the way many people see it, and now the treatment is no longer something people hide or deny. High-profile personalities, including Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore and Simon Cowell have all admitted to having the treatment, which has made it seem normal.

While marketed as an anti-aging treatment, Botox fans have become younger. A 2012 article from The Daily Mail featured women in their mid-twenties who underwent the treatment. Most of them claimed their providers encouraged them to start young, to avoid the risk of permanent wrinkles on their faces. Cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Karen McKeown, shared that she had patients as young as 19 years old asking for Botox.

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She concluded that both the young and more mature demographic opt for the treatment for reasons for vanity.  It is their way to look desirable and to prevent the years from showing.

Why Botox

With its endorsement by celebrities, Botox is fast becoming the beauty choice for women of all ages who want to hide the effects of time. It puts them in the same league as Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian, as far as beauty treatments are concerned.

In addition, regardless of how well the treatment works when compared to other remedies, it is administered by doctors, promoted by celebrities and is already seen by many as a normal part of a visit to the dentist. For them, the question may not be why Botox is the treatment of choice but, why not?