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Turn Yourself or Your Loved One Into a Tree After Death

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Urn at a FuneralGrieving families have multiple choices when it comes to the ashes of their loved ones. They can choose to scatter the ashes from a plane, onto a body of water, put them in anything from a pencil or paint (which will then be used to paint a portrait of the deceased), or even send them out to outer space. The possibilities seem endless, until one learns to look at death as the beginning of something new. After the cremation process, what else can be done?

Life From Death

It’s a known fact that decomposition yields nutrients which can be used as fertiliser. This is the basic concept for an innovative urn which mixes cremated remains with soil and tree seeds. Among the most popular ones is Bios Urn, which is the brainchild of Barcelona natives Gerard Moline and his brother Roger.

The Bios Urn works by separating the seeds and soil in a top compartment, with the ashes stored at the bottom of the container. The seeds will then germinate and sprout roots, which are still too weak to draw sustenance from the ashes early on due to the latter’s acidity; hence, the separate compartments. Over time, the roots will become stronger and slowly begin to take advantage of the ashes beneath the container.

Trees From a Dead Person’s Ashes… Really?

Yes, and there’s scientific proof. The burning of organic material produces nutrients that are essential for plant growth, including calcium, potassium and phosphorous. But, bear in mind that plants — trees included — require a delicate balance of these nutrients in order to thrive. Anything in excess can affect the tree’s growth. That's why designs like that of the Bios Urn is ingenious; it separates the ashes from the growing tree until it is strong enough to take advantage of what it offers, without worry of nutrient imbalance.

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Closing Thoughts

Bios Urn and all others like it are incredibly innovative ideas of disposing cremated remains. In essence, it really offers a way of turning death into life, and shall serve as a great memorial for the deceased even after they’re long gone. That is, of course, unless someone forgets about the tree and cuts it down — and its symbolic meaning with it.