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Three Stress-Relieving Vacation Ideas You Can Try

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woman taking a spa vacationVacations give you much-needed time off from work that not only helps you relax but also makes you more productive when you return. After all, constantly being bombarded with emails and getting occupied with meetings with no available breaks can take a toll on the quality of your work.

If you are looking for a stress-relieving vacation, choose one that has activities specifically designed for relaxation. Here are some vacation ideas you can try:

Spa Vacation

Taking a spa vacation eases both the strain on your mind and your body. The massage improves your blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients to travel freely to your cells. The heat helps treat swollen muscles and joint pain.

If you are looking for the complete experience, you can take a short day trip to indulge in a spa break in the city of Bath, home to the historic Thermae Bath Spa.

Forest Bathing

The term forest bathing comes from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku, which means “forest bath”. Shinrin-yoku is a health and healing practice that involves retreating to a forest or any natural area and basking in the green environment.

In forest bathing, there is no need to take a dip in the water. Walking around in the natural surroundings will already help reduce tension and improve your mood. The simplicity of forest bathing makes it an appealing option for those who are looking for some peace of mind.

Yoga Retreat

If you prefer doing workouts on your free days, a yoga retreat can offer you the balance between working up a sweat and finding some quiet time. Some yoga retreats incorporate the entire lifestyle into their program, meaning you get to eat vegan meals and dedicate hours for meditation.

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Yoga retreats build supportive communities between practitioners and students, which can help you release emotional tension and make you a more positive person.

Vacations are about getting away from work. However, with any vacation plan you choose, make sure that you are also going somewhere that puts your mind at ease, doing activities that allow you to improve your overall health and well-being.