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The Main Causes of Teeth Discolouration & the Solutions to Treat It

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Teeth DiscolourationHaving stained teeth is one of the things Brits find really embarrassing. Other than being a liability for beauty, teeth discolouration is synonymous with poor oral hygiene. This may hold true to some extent, but it is not always the case.


Apart from bad dental habits, here are other reasons teeth discolour:

  • Diet – Most food can stain teeth. Coffee, for one, is a common culprit of discolouration. Other parts of your diet, such as tea, wine, cola and even some fruit and vegetables may discolour teeth.
  • Smoking – Tobacco users have a greater tendency to develop a severe case of teeth yellowing. Substances in cigarettes do not only stain the teeth, but are also hard to remove. More often than not, brushing regularly would not suffice.
  • Genes – Sometimes, it is in your genetic makeup. There are people born with better enamel than others.
  • Age – As you get old, the enamel layer of your teeth wears out. As it frays, the yellowish tint of dentin — the material under enamel — shows and causes discolouration.
  • Medical treatments – Some procedures, like chemotherapy, may discolour teeth. Some medications, like antihistamines or blood pressure regulation drugs, may likewise stain teeth.


Irrespective of how your teeth became not-so-pearly anymore, you do not have to live with them forever. Many forms of teeth whitening in North London are available to suit different needs.

Here are some of them:

  • In-Clinic – Dropping by the dental practice for professional cleaning is the one of the most convenient and most popular. Dentists do not just clear hard-to-remove stains off your teeth; they also take note of the shade of your teeth prior to the treatment. This way, you would know how effective the bleaching was.
  • Home Whitening Treatments – From rinses to trays, there is a variety of solutions available to let you whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home. Ask your dentist for the right products depending on your dental requirements.
  • Household IngredientsApplying mashed strawberries or orange skin over your teeth are effective ways to whiten your teeth with your kitchen items. Do not forget to brush with fluoride toothpaste for better results.
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Teeth discolouration is a true cause for concern — but not for long. If you know the root of your yellowing pearly whites, you can treat it better. Whether your teeth are stained or not, you should always visit your dentist regularly to keep an eye on your overall oral health.