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Teeth Problems? Know Which Dental Treatment is Right for You

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Teeth Problems in LakevilleTeeth are an integral part of the human being’s anatomy and require regular care to prevent damage or loss. Regular dental visits give the dentist a chance to check the condition of your teeth and gums. Also, dentists ensure your oral health is in good condition by prescribing proper preventive measures, says Miller Comfort Dental.

Some of the comprehensive dental services you can obtain in Lakeville include:

Teeth Whitening

Stained or ‘not-so white’ teeth can affect one’s confidence especially when it comes to smiling. However; teeth whitening/ brightening has solutions for the teeth. Most whitening systems use hydrogen peroxide as the dominant chemical in bleaching. To minimize teeth sensitivity during the whitening process, fluoride and desensitizers are present in the whitening system.


Prosthodontics deals with replacing missing teeth. The replacements are also known as prostheses and can either be removable or fixed.

Fixed vs Removable Prostheses

A fixed prosthesis is permanent and a dentist can only remove it when placing a newer one or when it’s really necessary. Implants are the most common type of fixed prostheses that effectively replace single missing teeth.

On the other hand, removable prosthesis as the name suggests are removable by the patient. The most common types of removable prostheses are dentures.


Periodontics is a dentistry procedure that focuses on the structures that support the teeth- the gums and jaw bone. In as much as beautiful teeth are important, it is more important to have healthy gums and strong jaw bones to support the teeth and prevent teeth loss or fracture.

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Periodontal disease occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria around the teeth that over time release enzymes that break down the bone support and gum. Periodontal care involves observing dental hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups.

It’s advisable that you consult with certified dentists who will examine your teeth and prescribe the right dental care and treatment services.  In addition, the certified dentists will not only deliver the right treatment, but also explain to you the procedure and duration for your treatment.