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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss: Regenerative Medicine at its Finest?

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Man Experiencing Hair LossStem cell therapy has evolved into a 21st-century cure for a range of chronic and autoimmune diseases. While initially laced with controversy and ethical concerns, more people are seeing it for its real value — saving people’s lives. Thanks to billions of dollars of investments and research funds, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have taken big strides to bolster stem cell therapy across medical sub-specialties.

On top of bone and cardiac repair, hair loss is one of the many problems that stem cell therapy promises to solve. Hair loss and its many forms affect millions of people worldwide. In terms of efficacy and the process of achieving ideal results, there’s no doubt that stem cell therapy trumps existing cures for baldness. Let’s take a closer look at how this hair regeneration solution works:

An Overview of Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair regeneration researchers have been exploring ways to stimulate hair re-growth and alter the progress of alopecia or hair loss. Through clinical translations, they found that the stem cell technique delivers more astounding results in just a matter of weeks.

Currently, there are several cell-based techniques used in hair restoration. Some clinics would pair stem cell transplantation with other established techniques, such as low-level laser therapy and traditional follicular extraction methods to achieve better results. Researchers at Regeneris Medical affirm that combining traditional methods with stem cell therapy for hair loss produces unparalleled results.

Fighting the Root Causes of Hair Loss

What fascinates clinical researchers the most about stem cell-based hair restoration is that it fights the root cause of most alopecia cases. Unlike other procedures and natural remedies, this technique harnesses the power of the patient’s own cells to stimulate re-growth.

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The stem cells extracted and used in this technique is mesodermal in origin — an area that, when stimulated, can relieve a variety of ailments and symptoms. When the solution is injected into a patient’s scalp, it can stop hair loss immediately and facilitate the growth of young, healthy hair.

Stem cell therapy for hair regeneration holds tremendous promise for alopecia treatments, but scientists admit that there is still so much to discover and understand about this technique. Yet there’s no denying that there have been several clinical improvements over the decade.