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Root Canal vs. Fillings: What to Choose When Dealing with Dental Problems

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DentistDental professionals have introduced a range of treatments to patients that there are many options available for a single dental problem. A good example is root canals and dental fillings. Root canal is a procedure for repairing and saving a badly damaged and infected tooth, while dental filling uses restorative materials like composite (white) filling to restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. Knowing which is applicable for your condition is advisable, so you have an idea for both options.

Root Canal vs. Dental Fillings

When you have tooth decay, dentists decide whether you need a root canal or a filling. Both are ideal options, but some dental problems aren’t so serious that they don’t need extensive treatment. Your budget is another concern since root canals need crowns, which can make your treatment more costly.

If the decay hasn’t damaged the tooth beyond repair, it’s still possible to save it with a dental filling. Root canal is necessary if the infection caused by neglected tooth decay develops into an abscessed tooth. It’s ideal if the damage has reached the pulp and nerves in the teeth.

Why Hire a Trusted Dentist?

Strand Dental and other dental professionals noted that visiting a trusted dentist for dental fillings is important, so your teeth won’t end up so bad that it will need an extraction.

Your teeth are still at risk if the dentist you chose leaves even the smallest amount of decay on your teeth after a cleaning or filling treatment. Remaining decay may go unnoticed for a long time, continuing the decaying process and eventually damage your tooth. Instead of saving your teeth, you ended up extracting some of them because your dentist didn’t do their job well.

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Dentists know what’s best for you, but of course they need to ask for your opinion before proceeding with the treatment they recommend. Know which is best for your condition to get the best possible results.