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Of Prep and Profit: Optimizing Prep Work in Restaurants

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RestaurantsA competent restaurant is one that has optimized every process in the daily operation to perfection. For most business owners, this means speedy and efficient service, especially during peak hours. What many tend to ignore is that the prep work comes into play here as well.

The prep work is one of the most important parts of a restaurant’s daily operation. This is where you ready every ingredient to be cooked into delicious meals. Consequently, it can also be an inefficient process if you don’t know what to do. So, here are a few tips that can help improve prep work:

Standardize Recipes

Every diner looks for consistency, be it in terms of the portion size, the taste, or the ingredients used. For this reason, it is best to use standardized recipes across the board. This provides an easy way to control the use of ingredients, especially the expensive ones. Moreover, the practice saves time and labor in preparing the ingredients and makes sure every dish is consistent.

Practice Pre-portioning

In line with consistency, it is important to pre-portion the ingredients whenever possible. Come the peak hours, your cooks would not have the time to weigh or measure everything – so prepare the portions beforehand. It greatly helps to use premade ingredients as well, such as the best hollandaise sauce mixes, bread, and other stuff you can prepare and portion at an earlier time.

Not only does this optimize the prep work, as it also controls food usage and makes it faster for your crew to serve the dish.

Cook Only What’s Needed

Many restaurants are guilty of preparing way too much food and just reheating them once they need to serve customers. Although this works wonders in quick-serve scenarios, restaurants should rethink this before making it a common practice. In some situations, it’s better to underproduce a little, as this can be offset by proper inventory management. Gauge which is better, then follow through.

With these tips, you can easily optimize the prep work done in your kitchen – but more importantly, these tips allow you to fast-track your restaurant’s progress.