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Not-So-Common Reasons for Tooth Decay

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Causes of Tooth Decay in BloomingtonSmoking, a sweet tooth and failing to brush your teeth regularly are all known causes of tooth decay. But the list doesn’t stop there. Tooth decay can stem from many reasons and some of them might not be what you expect.

Dental Health Care Center, a dental practice in Bloomington, MN, suggests regular checkups as the best solution against further complications. But if you’re having oral problems even though you’ve perfected flossing and brushing your teeth, these factors might be the reason.


People who deal with stress on a daily basis are more likely to develop oral problems. With not enough rest, the body’s immune system can weaken and struggle fighting back bacteria buildup. Stress can also be a cause of grinding and clinching which breaks down the protective layer of the teeth.


If you’re taking medication, especially for chronic illnesses, a side effect can be ruining your oral health. Many medications cause dryness in the mouth. In addition, many formulations for kids use sugar to mask the medicine’s unpleasant taste.


A change in your exercise routine can be a risk to your oral health. Physical activity can cause dryness in the mouth. This has the potential to throw acid balance off inside the mouth.

Sore Throat or Flu

Regularly getting sore throat or flu can also be a cause of tooth decay. Apart from the weakened immune system when a person is sick, the chewing of sugary cough drops can definitely make it bad for the teeth.

Love for Citrus

While citrus fruits help boost the body’s immunity, the acids are definitely not too friendly on the teeth. The enamel can be very reactive to acids, which can result to erosion.

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Caring for the teeth can be a very tough job. They are strong enough to bite through beef jerky, but they are sensitive even to the most minor changes in the body. But with enough vigilance and an understanding of what can damage the teeth, your pearly whites will reward you with a beautiful smile.