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Heading to Charleston? Don’t Forget These Keywords

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Traveling to CharlestonWhat could you expect from the number 1 city in the US? A visit that's fun — if it doesn't get too overwhelming. No matter how little or how much time you have to spare, you'll think you haven't seen enough.

A place such as Charleston sure packs a punch, but as always, you need to pick your battles (in this case, tour destinations) wisely. Not sure where to begin? Here are three keywords to help you:


Charleston, SC, is the perfect destination if you want a bit of variety in your vacation. It's not named the number 1 US city just because it has the famed Rainbow Row. It can show you a bit of darkness too.

Starting around 9:30 PM, haunted tours by Sandlapper Water Tours take you places that show the spooky and scary side of the city. It's something worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.


You won't run out of beaches to explore in Charleston. And, not just regular beaches — you'll get to see some award-winning destinations suited for the family, which means if you travel with the brood, everyone can have their fair share of fun under the sun.

Pressed for time? You might think a beach visit requires a whole day, but an afternoon visit to Folly Beach, where you can stay for two to three hours just in time for sunset, is already a good end to the day. Proceed with your dinner plans having ticked a beach visit off your Charleston checklist.


Your visit will not be complete without having brunch once. Especially if you're going on a weekend, Sunday brunch in Charleston is so popular that you could go pretty much anywhere and you’ll never get served mediocre food.

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Of course, it wouldn't hurt to plan ahead and book reservations. You, after all, might have to wait a while for your meal if you wing it.

Whatever kind of adventure you're looking for, there's sure to be an activity to fit you in Charleston, SC. Go ahead and fill your itinerary with some well-rounded fun.