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Five Interesting Things to Do in Bath

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A view of the city of BathLocated in the southwest of the UK is Bath, one of the country’s most historic and beautiful cities. Thousands of visitors flock to this destination every year, so if you’re living nearby, don’t miss out on the things to see and do in this beautiful British countryside.

If you want to have short breaks in Bath, the list below should help you maximise your time while you’re in the picturesque city.

Be a Museum Hunter

Bath has far too many museums and galleries for you to visit. You can soak up in their rich history by going to the Holburne Museum, Victoria Art Gallery, and Fashion Museum.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Get a bird’s-eye view of the city while in a hot air balloon. This experience will give you not only a thrill but also the best view of beautiful landmarks.

Explore the Roman Baths

The Romans unearthed hot springs and built beautiful structures to house these baths. Visit these historical sites and see how vital these hot springs were to our ancestors.

Visit Bath’s Oldest House

Sally Lunn’s is known to be the oldest house in Bath and is famous for a hybrid teacake called the Sally Lunn bun. Spend a perfect afternoon in this restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Stay in and Venture Out

Bath has such a relaxed atmosphere that there is nothing else to do but stay in your beautiful hotel and enjoy the moment. When you want to come out, take your pace slowly and marvel at the architectural buildings around the city. Visit the famous Royal Crescent. It will instantly make you feel transported to the olden times.

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There is no question why Bath is a designated UNESCO Heritage site. When you have the time, explore this lovely city and enjoy its beauty.