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Find Out Why May Thurner Syndrome Stenting is the Procedure of Choice

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May Thurner Syndrome StentingEven when you are asleep and unconscious, all the blood in your system should be continuously coursing through your arteries and veins. The latter is mainly responsible for the process of return so that the blood would be refreshed with oxygen for subsequent delivery.

However, there are situations when a problem in the flow would arise. An example would be when your left iliac vein would get compressed by the common iliac artery from the right which overlies the former.

This would lead to stasis in circulation, which can be problematic. To resolve this, your doctor may advise you to undergo May Thurner syndrome stenting.

Step One Makes You Feel Better

The said procedure involves repairing the compression of your vein through an endovascular approach. This means that the process necessitates going inside the vessel, which would be guided by a catheter.

In most patients, the reason for having this done would be experiencing distressing symptoms related to having a blood clot in the leg. The appropriate diagnosis for this would be deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

With this in mind, dissolving the clot would be one of the goals in having this treatment done. This will relieve you of symptoms you may have been complaining about such as leg cramping or skin changes.

Step Two Prevents Recurrences

The problem does not end with getting rid of the clot. The next part of the process would be the placement of the stent. In particular, it would be in the area proximal to the right common iliac artery.

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The purpose of this would mainly be to avert the possibility of recurrence. This is in contrast with the traditional approach which would utilize anticoagulants.

Do not fret when your doctor tells you that you have DVT. You already know which method would be ideal in terms of effectiveness.