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Don’t Let Missing Teeth Go Untreated

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Woman on a dental chairThe effects of untreated missing teeth go beyond having a gap and unattractive smile. Apart from affecting your appearance, diet and speech, it can also contribute to loss of chewing ability and accelerated bone loss. The dissolving bone structure, furthermore, can lead to increased appearance of fine lines because there is no enough support for the face.

Lack of Bone Stimulation

It is important to know that just like muscles, your jawbone become stronger with exercise and stimulation. Chewing, biting, and talking serve as routines that strengthen the bone of your jaw. Lack of stimulation due to missing teeth, however, negatively affects your gums and jaw. The surrounding teeth, furthermore, will start to drift away, making your teeth more susceptible to infection.

Premature Aging

Dental implant centers in Modesto, CA like Smile World Dental note that if you lost more than a single tooth, gaps are not the only problem. With several teeth missing, the shape of your face changes due to drifting of other teeth and loss of bone. Left untreated, jowls and pouches will become visible in your face. Bone loss can result in subtle structural changes, and as this progresses, the loss of facial support becomes more apparent.

The Replacement Option

The good news is, there is a tooth replacement option that can address more than the cosmetic problem. A dental implant is a much better choice compared to traditional dentures and bridges, as it also offers a tooth root replacement. Implants look very natural, increase bite support, and improve chewing efficiency. They also reduce stress and prevent shifting of the other teeth.

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For Multiple Missing Teeth

Implants can also replace multiple teeth with options like implant-supported bridge and implant supported overdenture. These are better than dentures, as they can prevent bone loss. It is important to note that with dentures, you may not be fully aware of accelerated bone loss. Dentures can also slip and fit poorly over time, causing eating, speech, and confidence problems.

If you have missing teeth, consider dental implants. Talk to a dentist about them and find how they save your smile and overall health.