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Diamond vs. Moissanite: Choosing a Center Stone for an Engagement Ring

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Engagement RingMillions of people around the world believe that an engagement should be marked as a special occasion, and nothing can make such an occasion more special than the engagement ring. Tradition has favored the involvement of a ring to signify one’s love for another on that special day when a proposal is made and accepted.

When discussing an engagement ring, people often think of the diamond as the precious stone ensconced at the head of the ring. Not everyone can afford a diamond ring. However, so many people these days would rather look for alternatives that may be more affordable but nevertheless make for a beautiful center stone. One of the alternatives to the diamond that has grown in popularity over the years is moissanite.

What is moissanite?

The original moissanite was discovered in a meteor crater in 1893. It is a scarce mineral, owing to its source. Today, however, moissanite is lab grown, making it possible for people to buy moissanite to decorate their jewelry, such as engagement and wedding rings.

Here is a short diamonds vs. moissanite comparison to help you know more about these two lovely center stone choices.


Diamonds receive their grade according to their color, but not moissanites. Classic moissanite is often likened to a K-color diamond. Both stones look more colorless the smaller they get. A near-colorless moissanite, known as Forever Brilliant moissanite, is also available.


The Mohs Scale of Hardness (which tells you how hard it is to scratch a mineral) gives moissanite a 9.25 rating. Diamonds are the only gemstones harder, with a rating of 10.

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A material’s ability to reflect white light is known as brilliance. A diamond’s ability to sparkle can be measured by its brilliance. Believe it or not, moissanite is more brilliant than diamonds. It also requires less frequent cleaning as it attracts dirt and greaseless than diamonds.

If you’re in the market for a gemstone to be the centerpiece of your engagement ring, you can pick a diamond if you are willing to part with that kind of money. If not, but you still want something that sparkles like a diamond, get a moissanite. It will set you back only a fraction of what a diamond will. Save your money for the wedding or put it in a savings account. You’ll need it when you begin your life together.