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Cosmetic Dentistry: Solutions to Basic Dental Problems

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Cosmetic Dentistry in GlenviewAccording to the American Association of Orthodontists, around one-third of American adults are unsatisfied with their smile. It is the primary feature a person notices the first time they meet you. It also gives a positive impression towards potential love interests, professional environments, and social settings.

When it comes to dating, a study revealed that 77 percent of women choose a receding hairline over bad teeth. Sad, right?

Fret no more. Cosmetic dental specialists such as Glenlake Dental Care in Glenview may bring back your confidence through several cosmetic treatments.

Problem 1: Stained Teeth

Your morning coffee or tea routine is probably the reason your teeth are less desirable. Don’t worry; this is not a problem you need to live with for the rest of your life. Cosmetic dentists offer treatments like Zoom! in-office whitening, take home trays, whitening strips, and toothpaste.

The most effective among these is Zoom! in-office whitening treatment. You see immediate results after the trip to the dentist. However, if you are patient enough to wait, those other treatments may also work for you.

Problem 2: Metal Fillings

The metal fillings are so obvious that you can’t even hide them from your date. Most people nowadays choose white or tooth colored fillings instead of metal ones. They blend with your teeth so you don’t need to feel conscious about the fillings.

Problem 3: Chipped Tooth

An undesirable chipped tooth may be fixed through a crown treatment. This tooth restoration is customizable to fit the color, size, height, and texture of your normal teeth. These crowns may last for over 10 years, so you will rarely need to replace them.

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Problem 4: Missing Teeth

There’s nothing more unsightly than losing your front teeth and looking like a grown up having a child’s incomplete set of teeth, right? Dental implants involve replacing the lost tooth with one made from a titanium-based cylinder that is implanted in the root.

Dental problems used to seem impossible to solve. In this day and age, the technology in cosmetic dentistry paved the way to better teeth.