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4 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry That Refuse to Die

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Cosmetic Dentistry in AmericaThanks to America’s obsession with beauty, cosmetic dentistry has been a household name. A straight set of teeth, sparkling pearly whites, the perfect smile—many have turned to every known dental procedure to look like they can pass for a TV appearance or a magazine cover.

Despite the promise of correcting any form of oral imperfections, many Americans still don’t pursue cosmetic dentistry because of fear and doubt—fueled by misguided misconceptions that never seem to die. To throw your insecurities out of the window and truly live life the way you want, get these common cosmetic dentistry myths first:

Only for Aesthetic Purposes

Simply because there’s the word “cosmetic” doesn’t mean it’s only about making you beautiful; it centers on health and function too. Broken choppers make biting and chewing unnecessarily difficult, while missing a couple of teeth affects your facial structure over time.

Procedures Are Painful

Unless you haven’t heard of dental sedation, you should know that even the most notorious procedures can now be made relatively comfortable. Scott Dentistry and other dental professionals say that any experienced family dentistry in Mesa, AZ, Fresno, CA, Miami, FL, or any beauty-obsessed city, will check first whether you’re qualified for the kind of sedation you prefer.

Overly Costly

For cosmetic dentistry, you wouldn’t necessarily break the bank. Price depends on many factors: the area, the type of treatment you require, the extent of the work needed, and, of course, the dental practitioner that would care for you. One thing’s for sure, though: it can be affordable.

Whatever your budget, you could discuss your financial worries with your dentist to explore different options to pay for your treatment in a way that suits you—and your pocket.

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Results Look Fake

If this holds true, Hollywood stars wouldn’t look as faultless as they are. Not every celebrity you admire is dentally gifted; they also need some enhancements to look perfect. Why you didn’t notice at first glance? It’s because artificial dental devices are designed to appear natural.

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of correcting what’s wrong with your mouth, so get it right. As you bury these misconceptions to the ground, there should be nothing stopping you now from investing in your smile—and dental health.